School Fundraising

As mums we are always looking for ways to help raise money for our children's schools and various clubs - in these new and uncertain times a lot of our usual fundraising routes are no longer possible, so we have found another way for us all to help out.....all you have to do is place your regular order on our website and we can send cash back straight to your school or club! There's no upfront spending, no obligation or minimum order, just you and us, doing our bit!
For a school or club to partner with us all we need is a 'lead person' contact - this can be a PTA chair,group leader, dance teacher or even another parent happy to receive the funds we raise, and a PDF of your school/club logo.
Once we have this we send FREE marketing leaflets for the school or club to distribute. These will contain an individual code which, when entered at the checkout, will give the customer 5% off and 15% cash back will go directly to the school or club. Funds will be paid each half term to the nominated account, its as simple as that!
To register your school, club or squad for our 'FUNDRAISING WITH BOWS' initiative please email us at and we will get you started!