Summer Surprise Boxes


  • Image of Summer Surprise Boxes
  • Image of Summer Surprise Boxes

Filled with summer pastels, brights and prints....

Surprise boxes are the perfect choice when you just can’t decide which beautiful bows to order! They also make great gifts!! Please feel free to leave any notes at the checkout regarding size - while we cannot guarantee requests for specific bows we will do our best to creat the perfect selection for you!

As a general rule we fill the boxes with bows slightly over the value paid so you can estimate the amount of bows you will receive by using our standard pricing:
Pinch/itty bows £2-3 each
Medium bows £4 each
Large bows £5 each
Double bows £4.50-6.50 each

Image of Pinch Bow Surprise Box
Pinch Bow Surprise Box
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