Santa Poms


  • Image of Santa Poms
  • Image of Santa Poms

Medium & large red classic bows with a white faux fur pom pom centre

Image of Velvet Double Pinch Bows
Velvet Double Pinch Bows
Image of Medium Star Bow
Medium Star Bow
Image of Large Pinch Festive Print Set
Large Pinch Festive Print Set
Image of Red Double Satin Reindeer
Red Double Satin Reindeer
Image of Medium Candy Stripe
Medium Candy Stripe
Image of Santa Inspired Tails
Santa Inspired Tails
Image of Medium Foil Stars
Medium Foil Stars
Image of Medium Star Sparkles
Medium Star Sparkles
Image of Santa tutu tails
Santa tutu tails
Image of Golden Stag Tartan
Golden Stag Tartan
Image of Large Foil Hearts
Large Foil Hearts
Image of Large Velvet Ties
Large Velvet Ties
Image of Tartan Tails Bows
Tartan Tails Bows
Image of Mini Simple Velvet Ties
Mini Simple Velvet Ties
Image of Large sheer elegance
Large sheer elegance
Image of Velvet pinch tails bow
Velvet pinch tails bow
Image of Tartan Fancy Bows
Tartan Fancy Bows
Image of Crystal Glitter
Crystal Glitter
Image of Traditional Tartan
Traditional Tartan
Image of Traditional festive print
Traditional festive print
Image of Regal Tartan
Regal Tartan
Image of Double Metallic Glitter Satin
Double Metallic Glitter Satin
Image of Large Christmas Trees
Large Christmas Trees
Image of Double Glitter Satin
Double Glitter Satin
Image of Medium Glitter Edge Satin
Medium Glitter Edge Satin
Image of Itty Bitty Metallic Bows
Itty Bitty Metallic Bows
Image of Itty Bitty Glitter Edge Satin
Itty Bitty Glitter Edge Satin
Image of Sheer Elegance
Sheer Elegance
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