Pencil Stripes


  • Image of Pencil Stripes
  • Image of Pencil Stripes

Classic bows with a sateen finish and pencil stripe pattern available in medium and small pinch

Image of Gingham Ponytail Bows
Gingham Ponytail Bows
Image of Double Satin Polka
Double Satin Polka
Image of Double Candy Stripe
Double Candy Stripe
Image of Linen Polka Dot
Linen Polka Dot
Image of Medium organza hearts
Medium organza hearts
Image of Herringbone
Image of Vintage Rose Collection
Vintage Rose Collection
Image of Double Satin Micro Dots
Double Satin Micro Dots
Image of Medium satin micro dots
Medium satin micro dots
Image of Ombré rainbow pastels
Ombré rainbow pastels
Image of Leopard Print Collection
Leopard Print Collection
Image of pastel rainbow
pastel rainbow
Image of Rainbow Brite
Rainbow Brite
Image of Zebra Print Collection
Zebra Print Collection
Image of Satin Polka Dots
Satin Polka Dots
Image of Denim Bows
Denim Bows
Image of Gingham Collection
Gingham Collection
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