Design your own Ponytail Bow


  • Image of Design your own Ponytail Bow
  • Image of Design your own Ponytail Bow

Please select up to 3 colour choices from our chart and leave your selection in the notes at the checkout as follows:
Colour 1: outside main colour
Colour 2: inside lining colour
Colour 3: centre knot
All our bows are on smooth alligator clips with no teeth, these can be attached to hair bobbles if preferred although we do not personally recommend it x

Image of Sheer Elegance
Sheer Elegance
Image of Double pinch tails bow
Double pinch tails bow
Image of Embroidered initial tails bow
Embroidered initial tails bow
Image of Ponytail Bows
Ponytail Bows
Image of Surprise Boxes
Surprise Boxes
Image of Large Royal Lace
Large Royal Lace
Image of Medium Classic Bow
Medium Classic Bow
Image of Design Your Own Bow
Design Your Own Bow
Image of Lace Linings
Lace Linings
Image of Classic Crystal Hearts
Classic Crystal Hearts
Image of Itty Bitty Classic Bows
Itty Bitty Classic Bows
Image of Double Large Classic
Double Large Classic
Image of Double Medium Classic
Double Medium Classic
Image of Large Classic Bow
Large Classic Bow
Image of Large Pinch Classic Bow
Large Pinch Classic Bow
Image of Small Pinch Classic Bow
Small Pinch Classic Bow
Image of Rose Gold Linings
Rose Gold Linings
Image of Large Vintage Lace Bows
Large Vintage Lace Bows
Image of Medium Vintage Lace Bows
Medium Vintage Lace Bows
Image of Large pinch vintage lace
Large pinch vintage lace
Image of Small pinch vintage lace
Small pinch vintage lace
Image of Bespoke embroidered bows
Bespoke embroidered bows
Image of Bespoke Bow Holders
Bespoke Bow Holders
Image of Classic Ribbon Bow Holders
Classic Ribbon Bow Holders
Image of Embroidered Initial Bows
Embroidered Initial Bows
Image of Pigtail Pretties
Pigtail Pretties
Image of Silver lined bows
Silver lined bows
Image of Gold lined bows
Gold lined bows
Image of Interchangeable     Alice Bands
On sale
Interchangeable Alice Bands
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